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High Precision Automated Dispensing Machines Soldering FPC Board

Chứng nhận
chất lượng tốt PCB Depaneling giảm giá
chất lượng tốt PCB Depaneling giảm giá
The router works fine. I would like to special thanks to you one more time for your support!

—— Ahmet

I was set up your machine one week ago. İt’s good working. Thank you for all.

—— Erdem

The machine operates well, we will purchase it again

—— Jon

The machine works very well, now we train all workers.

—— Michal

Tôi trò chuyện trực tuyến bây giờ

High Precision Automated Dispensing Machines Soldering FPC Board

Trung Quốc High Precision Automated Dispensing Machines Soldering FPC Board nhà cung cấp
High Precision Automated Dispensing Machines Soldering FPC Board nhà cung cấp

Hình ảnh lớn :  High Precision Automated Dispensing Machines Soldering FPC Board

Thông tin chi tiết sản phẩm:

Place of Origin: China
Hàng hiệu: Chuang wei Dispensing machine
Chứng nhận: Ce Certificate
Model Number: CWDJ

Thanh toán:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Giá bán: Negotiable
Packaging Details: plywood case
Delivery Time: 5 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, L/C
Supply Ability: 1000 sets per year
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Chi tiết sản phẩm
After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas Work area: 300X*300Y*100Z mm
Max. load(Y/Z):: 7kg/3kg Move speed(X&Y/Z): 400/200mm/sec
Repeat accuracy: ±0.01mm/axis MOQ: 1 set


High precision glue dispensing machine


Applications :

Dispensing Robot

1 , LED package
2 , Mobile phone plate coating or dispensing button
3 , Speaker Dispensing
4 , Dispensing sealing the battery case
5 , The semiconductor package
6 , Power component package
7 , chip binding   Dispensing Robot
8 , Fixed and protected PCB electronic components
9 , LCD glass board package


Specifications for dispensing machine :

         Technique Specifications
Model CWDM-2 CWDS331 CWDS221
Process range 400 / 400 / 100 300 / 300 / 100 200 / 200 / 100
Max Load(Y/Z) 10 kg/ 5 kg 6 kg / 2 kg 4 kg / 2 kg
Speed of motion 0.1~600 / 250mm/s 0.1~600 / 250mm/s 0.1~600 / 250mm/s
Positional Accuracy 0.02 mm/Axle 0.02mm/Axle 0.02mm/Axle
Repeated Accuracy +/- 0.02mm/ Axle +/- 0.02 mm/ Axle +/- 0.02 mm/Axle
Storage Control Card 16MB
Extended Storage 2 GB
Control Card 16MB
Extended Storage 2 GB
Control Card 16MB
Extended Storage 2 GB
External Communication SD Card SD Card SD Card
Displayer LCD LCD LCD
Driving method Step motor + Timing belt Step motor + Timing belt Step motor + Timing belt
Programmable Graphic Point, line, circle, arc, continuous line, etc. Point, line, circle, arc, continuous line, etc. Point, line, circle, arc, continuous line, etc.
Double Y axle Upgrades Available Upgrades Available Upgrades Available
Edit mode Demonstration Demonstration Demonstration
I/0Signal 24in / 22out 24in / 22out 24in / 22out
Power source 220V(+/-10%/50Hz) 220V(+/-10%/50Hz) 220V(+/-10%/50Hz)
Visual positioning None None None


PCB despensing Installation :

The automatic dispenser machine can satisfy various requirements for dispensing , only need to choose different fixtures and math with dispensing systems .
The following installation instruction is based on the 30CC needle cylinder clamp and simple type dispensing system as a model .

1 . The standard accessories include the 30CC needle cylinder clamps , and they can be applied to 30CC or 55CC needle cylinder . If you want to use other needle cylinder , then you have to purchase other needle cylinder clamps appropriate .
2 . Fix the needle cylinder clamps onto the Z axle . Put the hexagon socket flat head screws through the holes of the clamps and then lock on the Z ground side . The clamp has a couple of holes to select , according to the specific requirements .
3 . Connect the signal port ( three holes ) of the dispenser machine on the backside to the signal port in the controller with dispenser signal line . The signal port in the dispenser machine is the same one that connecting with the foot-plate . Thus a problem may appear that the port can not be shared , if your dispenser machine is not purchased along with the matching machine . In such case , please contact the Extruder supplier for joint exchanging .
4 .  Connect the compressed air source to the dispenser controller , put the needle cylinder collet onto the needle cylinder and tighten it , and put the needle cylinder into the needle cylinder clamps and lock the screws which are used to fix the needle cylinder . ( Please don’t over tighten , in case of deformation . And once it deforms , the piston then cannot fit with the inner side of the needle cylinder, and cause air leakage . )
5 . Connect the handheld programmer to the machine .
6 . Connect the dispenser machine and the controller to 220V power source .
7 . Do make sure the pressure pipe of the needle cylinder collet and the power source will not influence the motion of each axles and working plate .
8 . Congratulations for completing primary set of the dispenser machine , please learn teaching mode operation according to the following chapters .


 Features :


1 , Could be a particular dispensing operations, mechanized production

2 , Simple and convenient to operate, high-speed precision
3 , Program files can be uploaded / downloaded through U disk , easy to manage
4 , Has control buttons on the needle , no external teaching is more convenient than similar products debugging
5 , Used LCD 5-inch color screen display   Dispensing Robot
6 , Does not cause noise pollution to production sites
7 , Enabling 3D dispensing systems , regardless of any comple shape and dispensing path can be accurately completed
8 , Can be equipped with single-tube or pipe dispensing , improve efficiency in the realization of different glue or dispensing path
9 , Used for in all kinds of demand dispensing industry , such as:general common UV plastic , silicon , EPOXY, red gum , paste , AB glue ,
COB vinyl , conductive plastic , aluminum heat glue , instant glue , paste and other points glue , can be used on the D-series devices .


Details technical parameters :


 High Precision Automated Dispensing Machines Soldering FPC Board


High Precision Automated Dispensing Machines Soldering FPC Board


Advantages :

1. English LCD panel teach pendant, easy operation and learning.
2. Three axis movement robot has the function of drawing points, lines, surfaces, arc, circle, irrecular curves consecutive interpolation.
3. Dispensing volume, dispensing speed, dispensing time, stopping dispensing time can be set.
4. Autmatic curving protection.
5. Special dispensing controller makes fluid flow stable without leaking and dripping.

Our Services :

1. Stable quality, competitive price, one year free parts warranty except for dispensing consumables, such as plastic pipes, needles. Over the warranty, lifelong maintenance is also available with some charges.

2. One week delivery after down payment for standard type.



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